About Quintrax

about Quintrax

Quintrax was founded in 2016 with our primary objective is using the latest technology to solve issues facing in various industries. We implement a portable emergency call system to give positional information using beacon technology. The system is designed with full customization option which enhances the concept of simplicity to install and use. Closed network incremented with the failsafe system to monitor itself.


How it Works?

resident icon
waves signals icon
local receivers icon
floor plan with resident
Real time activities of the residents.(wearing the tag)
Local receivers receive and transmit the signals to the servers instantly.
Quintrax system screen
Instant tracking will be shown on administration / monitor interface.
Quintrax notification mobile
Instant notifications will be sent to admin's mobile devices.

System Demonstration

Why Us?

caring for the elderly


innovative technology


cost effective


safe and secure


Aged-Caring had never been so efficient

Caring for the elderly could be very challenging without suitable tools. Sometimes it takes hours and hours for the carer to recognize a problem before it can be solved. A comprehensive aged caring solution means everything you would ever worry about had been well taken care of. Live time tracking is essential for the aged-care facility in managing their resident and asset management. Quintrax system using the latest Beacon technology could efficiently help to solve the countless number of the problem faced by the carer. Discover more today with our professional technical team.

Beacon technology gives an accurate location signal and sends real-time messages to the carer on their mobile devices so that every incident can be addressed and solved. Our fall detection technology is the guardian angel of the elderly. When a fall is detected, the system immediately raises the emergency signal to the carer. This could significantly help lifesaving. Quintrax personal tracker has a totally sealed designed waterproof with no sharp corners. This is specially designed for the use of the elderly at all time and cause the minimum distraction to their daily life.

All costs are clearly stated and quoted upon our quotation. There is absolutely no hidden cost for using the system. Strong capability of system application works on most existing equipment that reduces the cost of purchase of new hardware. Disposable designed personal tracker makes the cost of each personal transmitter lowest compare to existing market systems.

Information security is one of the biggest challenges. A secured system can avoid countless threats from both inside and outside the system. The flexibility of Quintrax system running on local network gives the highest confidence of network security to the system. The system is compactable to UPS unit to ensure system consistency. Geo-fence is a pre-set restricted area of each personal tracker. Alert will be raised for the carer when one resident has entered a prescribed restricted area. This can help to avoid unnecessary conflict and that could be addressed immediately when there is one.

Quintrax –
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